VT for Better Grades and Honors

Douglas has done very well since he’s been in Vision Therapy. When he started 6th grade, we were concerned because he has struggled so much in the past. We were surprised to see improvements in his grades the first report card! Douglas had always scored Cs, Ds, and Fs. This report card was Bs, Cs, and two high Ds.
By S. R

Our first intimation of Travis’ vision problem was when he started 1st grade. We thought it was just laziness on his part or perhaps a personality conflict with his teacher. To us, our only obvious solution was to step up the discipline. As time went on, the problem just got worse when more reading skills were being required at school.

When Travis started second grade, he tested 1.2 in the Accelerated Reading program (the lowest in his class). While he was still having attention and focusing problems, we started looking for another solution.

We began Vision Therapy in January 2002. The exercises were taxing for Travis, along with his homework from school. It was tough, but with extra encouragement and kind help from Travis’ therapist, there were remarkable results!

Travis’ teacher at school said she had never had a student make such an improvement (from 1.2 to 3.8)! The most rewarding part for us is the change in Travis’ attitude and now his enjoyment in reading. His maturity is improving, as is his self-confidence and attention span.

Thanks so much Dr. X. The time and investment has been well worth it. This is something that will last a lifetime!
Orin and Retha Cole, Travis’ parents, 6/27/02


I noticed that my son Kyle was having a reading problem in the 3rd grade. After many meetings with my son’s school, they labeled him as being immature because he cried a lot in school.

Kyle worked on homework six hours a night and it still took him hours to read a 12-page book. I realized we had a major problem! Well, at the end of third grade, Kyle’s teacher decided that fourth grade would be way too hard for him and he probably wouldn’t even pass. Now, it was up to my husband and me to decide whether to hold Kyle back a year or get help on our own!

I made an appointment for Kyle with Dr. X and he explained that Kyle’s eyes weren’t working as a team (binocular vision). Finally, I felt like we had some answers on what was going on and why Kyle couldn’t read.

Kyle started Vision Therapy in June 2002. The weekly home exercises Kyle did were fun, and I never heard him complain that he had to do them. During Vision Therapy, Dr. X also put Kyle in bi-focal glasses and he loves to wear them.

The rewards for Kyle? He has three months left of fourth grade. He has received all A’s and B’s on his report cards. He isn’t scared to read out loud at school any more, and his teacher says he’s always willing to take on new challenges in the classroom. The rewards for Mom? No more spending six hours on homework, no more fighting and crying during Kyle’s homework, seeing him with increased self-esteem, and making great grades in school!

Thanks to Dr. X and all the staff. I really don’t know what I would have done without you!
Bonnie Schwenker, Kyle’s parent, 2/24/03


It helped me read better. I can read faster. I don’t lose my place. I got better grades. It’s hard but if you try, it’s easy.
Damon L., young patient


In part, Meredith’s great report card in her first semester at middle school is because of Vision Therapy, which she did for her eyes in the 5th grade. Thank you!
Sara, Meredith’s parent, 1/98


We brought our daughter, Laurie, to you about 30 years ago. Laurie was having a hard time in school and we had heard of you and Vision Therapy from a friend, so we decided to give it a shot. Although we live in Riverton, WY, we traveled to Boulder several times that summer for Vision Therapy sessions and did therapy at home between visits. Laurie improved greatly, she graduated from college, and became a successful buyer for K-Mart.

Thank you Dr. X. Vision Therapy turned Laurie’s school years and life around.
Pat Dowse, Laurie’s parent


Before therapy, Stephanie wasn’t trying to read any challenging books or stories. She was frustrated with school reading assignments, and she wasn’t focused during reading.

Now Stephanie is reading her school assignments, such as science, history and her regular reading books. She reads a lot faster and seems to be focused on her work. Her grades have greatly improved and she is now an honor roll student. She is very proud of herself for it.

If any child I knew was having trouble like Stephanie was, I would definitely tell them about Vision Therapy. I think it has surely made a difference in her.
Kim White, Stephanie’s parent,


Amber’s grades have improved two letter grades in math. She now enjoys reading, where before Vision Therapy she hated reading. This has been the most wonderful thing that has happened to us as parents, as well as Amber.

Amber has been out of therapy for two months now and this 9 weeks grading period she has straight A’s! I always knew she could do the work that was presented to her in school, and since Vision Therapy, she has proven that she is an “A” student.

I have praised Vision Therapy to teachers, principals and parents. This is a solution for visual problems that needs more attention and recognition!
Sherri A., Amber’s parent


When my daughter Rachel started first grade, her teacher noticed that she had a lack of concentration, trouble with losing her place, and great difficulty reading. In the evening, doing homework exercises with her was almost impossible. Simple reading exercises would often take hours. After much research into the matter, I decided to see a specialist. The doctor’s name that kept coming up time and again was that of Dr. X, a developmental optometrist.

From the very first session, I was able to see an improvement in Rachel’s concentration. Within a month, her confidence level was boosted considerably, and doing her homework exercises improved significantly.

At the end of the year not only was Rachel getting straight A’s on her report card, but she also took a liking to reading. The once unthinkable and undoable has actually become enjoyable. Rachel’s success this school year was solely due to the great work and effort of Dr. X.

We have referred numerous friends and family members to Dr. X and Vision Therapy, all having the same great results.
Rachel’s parent,


Chris was struggling in school. His timed test scores were terrible. It took him too much time to complete his homework. He was miserable and difficult to live with.

I wanted him to enjoy school, not suffer for twelve to eighteen years. I was afraid that he would fail or give up. I was concerned about his self-esteem. I wanted him to enjoy reading. Having the same (or similar) vision problem, I know how hard it is to endure.

Now, after 70% of the way through Vision Therapy, Chris has had fabulous success. All of his grades have gone up at least one letter grade. He has started to like reading. His homework is getting finished in a timely manner. He is much happier and more helpful.

If I could, I would take Vision Therapy myself! I have already recommended Dr. X to several people. I would recommend Vision Therapy to anyone with a vision problem! Dr. X and Vision Therapy have been a miracle for Chris. God bless you and thank you!
Debra Miller, Chris’ parent,


Jeffrey was having some difficulty with concentration and focus in reading. After hearing about Vision Therapy, his teacher recommended he be tested, and he indeed was a good candidate for therapy.

We’ve been working with Jeffrey and Vision Therapy for about 6 months and his ability to focus on reading has greatly improved. He’s also not experiencing the headaches that he frequently complained about before therapy. There was also a great improvement on the statewide STAR testing scores from 2nd grade to 3rd grade. His ability to concentrate and comprehend has improved.
Susan Peters, Jeffrey’s parent,


Since Samantha started Vision Therapy, she has wanted to pick up a book to read. She used to fight me every time reading was requested. Now, she is more confident in her reading ability, and she’s not embarrassed to read out loud to others.

The most important result is her report card. Sammy has improved in four of her subjects and is now an A/B student. Thanks.
Rhoda Bernstein, Samantha’s parent


When I first came here, I thought it would be boring and not worth it. But then when I kept coming, my reading and my grades improved in two classes. I would recommend this to other kids because you’ll learn and have fun at the same time. My favorite part is playing the Vision Therapy computer and cards. You’ll pretty much have an all-around good time if you do Vision Therapy.
Jon Beskin, young patient


School grades are better, homework is less of a hassle, and Travis is no longer required to see the Reading Specialist every day. Thank you for the Vision Therapy training.
Christine Knadle, Travis’ parent


Kristy was having problems at school with her homework and assignments. We tried private tutors, even private school, but this did not help. Someone told us to go for something called Vision Therapy with Dr. X. We said, “We have an academic problem not an eye problem!” How wrong we were!

To make a long story short, Kristy’s grades are three A’s, two B’s, and one C from her Special Group. She is in regular class with other students and doing very, very well. I highly recommend Vision Therapy for other parents with the same problem (that they may not be aware of).
Isaac Vakili, Kristy’s parent


As someone who works in the optical field, I have always been very careful in regard to my children’s eyes and vision. Yearly eye exams were done. Glasses prescribed as necessary. My son had done O.K.(but not great) in school, didn’t mind reading, but never really excelled.

Then I brought my children to see Dr. X for their annual exam. He asked some very specific questions about school and eye symptoms. He did the routine exam but also some additional testing to see how my son’s eyes were moving, working as a team [binocular vision] and focusing. He found out that my son’s eyes were over-focusing when he read and recommended bifocals with a reading prescription. No one else had ever found or suggested that before.

Mitch has now made honor roll six terms in a row, (he hadn’t before) and loves to read and he reads. He reads a lot now. Most importantly, he feels better about himself and schoolwork.
M.T., Mitch’s parent


Before Melissa started Vision Therapy, she had been an honor student since kindergarten. When she started 3rd grade, she was doing well at the beginning of the school year, but by the second semester, her grades started dropping to D’s and F’s. After several developmental vision evaluations, Melissa’s problem was detected. Since she completed the Vision Therapy sessions, her grades are now back to A’s and B’s and she’s back on the Honor Roll. She even reads every day.

Thank you Dr. X and your entire staff. You helped put a smile back on my little girl’s face. I highly recommend Vision Therapy to everyone.
Olga Pacheco, Melissa’s parent,


When Heather first came here, her grades and behavior were getting bad! She was really moody about school and saying that she could not do it. But, Vision Therapy was good for her. Her grades went from D’s to the B honor roll. She now reads for fun and is a lot happier than she was. This is a very good program. Keep up the good work!
Heather Raisch’s parents,


Ben’s self-confidence has improved. He always enjoyed school but he doesn’t get as tired with sore eyes. His grades have also improved: He went from 10 “above averages” to 17 with no below averages. It was well worth the time and money. The best part was that he loved going to therapy to show the therapist how much he improved.
Carol Lumberg, Ben’s parent,


Natasha is comfortable reading. Her grades have improved and her teacher praises her achievements. She no longer squints.
Natasha Alvarado’s Parents


Improved reading ability and better grades in school

Improved comprehension of material read

Higher classroom concentration

Stephanie Scagliozzi’s Parents


We noticed Ryan’s schoolwork has improved. As long as he brings his work home his grades get better. Ryan doesn’t seem to bring his reading materials close to him while he’s reading anymore. Therapy was fun for him. There were a lot of fun activities. He will miss therapy when he’s finished.
Linda Naundorff, Ryan’s Mother


Ralph is doing much better in school.
Ralph Fattarusso’s Parents


The Vision Therapy program has helped Rose tremendously with her schoolwork and attitude toward school. Her grades have improved to the point where she made it on the honor roll. This last quarter was the first time in three years that she did not have a “D” on her report card. She likes to read now, where she never did in the past. Rose used to come home often complaining of headaches. The Vision Therapy, including pointers on holding her head still while reading and eye massage, have helped to eliminate this problem.

Vision Therapy has also helped Rose with piano practice. She is able to sight read better and play the notes on the page, whereas in the past, she would sit down to learn a piece of music and I couldn’t follow where she was in the piece, because she used to play a lot of notes that weren’t there.
Brenda Guelig, Rose’s parent, 6/12/97


The Vision Therapy program has helped Elizabeth go from a “C” student to an “A” student!
Kathleen D., June 1999


Kevin has struggled with reading since he was in first grade. He started going to Dr. X when he was 15 years old. We had tried numerous avenues of intervention but none seemed to really work. I only wish we had started with Vision Therapy sooner. In the 9 months of therapy Kevin’s reading comprehension improved from 5.6 (5th grade 6th month) grade equivalent to 9.2 (9th grade 2nd month) grade equivalent. These results were received from the testing done by the school he attends. They (the School) also were amazed at the increase.
Barbara O.

Please note: In-office therapy under the direction of a behavioral optometrist using prisms, filters and lenses, as used with our patients, is far more effective than home-based therapy.