VT For Success in School

Attn: Parents, Teachers, Therapists, Doctors, and Nurses

Before exploring the benefits of VT for success in school, let’s discuss the importance of vision for academic success.

Why Good Vision Is Important For Academic Success
There are many factors that influence how well a child will do in school, from class size to parental involvement. However, one factor that many people may overlook is good vision. If a student is struggling with vision problems in school, it will be much harder for him to succeed.

Because of the importance of having good vision, it is critical that parents take their children in for comprehensive eye exams. This way, any vision problems can be immediately identified, and the necessary corrective measures can be taken. By resolving these vision problems as soon as possible, parents can make sure that their children are able to perform well in school.

Many students who are diagnosed with learning disabilities may in fact simply be suffering from poor vision. In many cases, parents and school staff overlook this simple answer in favor of a more complicated diagnosis. However, treating a learning disability can be expensive and time-consuming.

Good vision is important in many academic settings. For example, if a teacher is lecturing and writing notes or drawing pictures on the board, being able to clearly see what is written is important. A child who is squinting to try to make out the blurry shapes on the board is not going to be able to devote his full attention to the contents of the lecture.

Similarly, if a math teacher is solving a sample problem for the class on the board, being unable to see will make it much harder for students to follow along. This can quickly lead to them falling behind. Once they do begin to fall behind, it can be very difficult to catch up, especially if their vision problems go undiagnosed.

Unfortunately, many students are hesitant to speak up when they are having trouble seeing in class. They may feel as if they are causing unnecessary problems, or that they just need to try harder. Teachers and parents need to be proactive and ask children whether they are having any trouble seeing the board, or if their vision is blurry.

As computers and tablets are more widely used in classroom settings, good vision has become even more crucial. Staring at a screen for hours with poor vision is a recipe for eyestrain and headaches. Students can quickly become frustrated if they are having a hard time seeing the screen. Trying to use a computer without the proper corrective lenses can even make a student’s vision worse.

It is therefore important for many reasons that all students have their vision checked. This way, vision problems can be identified right away, and the proper steps can be taken to correct them. A student with good vision will have a much easier time in the classroom.

Both parents and teachers need to understand the importance of good vision for academic success. This way, they will be motivated to take the proper steps to make sure that all children can see clearly.

Here are testimonials about Vision Therapy for success in school!
Imagine trying to take notes from an overhead projector when your eyes do not allow you to focus quickly from your paper to the screen. Imagine how easy it would be to fall behind your classmates because you only have half the notes to study from for the big test! Now try to imagine how you feel about yourself when you are trying your best and always coming out “below average.”

Here is How Vision Therapy for success in school helps patients achieve better grades and honors, and it can make learning much easier for your child.

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Please note: In-office therapy under the direction of a Behavioral Optometrist using prisms, filters and lenses, as used with our patients, is far more effective than home-based therapy.

Success in School
Attn: Parents, Teachers, Therapists, Doctors, and Nurses

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