VT for Gross Motor Coordination

Before Vision Therapy I tried playing several sports. When I played softball, I had trouble catching and hitting the ball because I couldn’t see. Vision Therapy was hard work but school and sports are much easier for me now. Thank you for helping me with my vision.
Erika (age 10)


The doctor made these comments about Matt Steninger, age 14:

Problems prior to Vision Therapy:

Difficulty with eye-hand coordination with tennis and baseball

History of difficulty learning motor skills

Fatigue and blurriness with sustained close work

Benefits of Vision Therapy:

No visual symptoms

Excellent improvement in baseball (hitting better)

Vision Therapy taught him strategies to help with life and increase success. His successes empower him to continue his Vision Therapy at home.
by Morna Steninger, Matt’s parent


The visit to your office provided a wealth of knowledge in that, being a professional baseball player, I learned how to train my eyes to do things that improve my overall performance. I have always worked on the physical side of my game, but vision was just expected. After I improved my eye tracking and control of both eyes in just a few short sessions of Vision Therapy, I realized I had been overlooking one of the most important parts of athletic training: VISION.

My training has continued and my depth perception has improved as well as other aspects of my vision (don’t know technical terms). I know my vision has improved because my performance on the baseball field has improved. Thanks again.
Doug Jennings, adult patient

[Doug Jennings began his Major League baseball career on April 8, 1988, with the Oakland Athletics. He played for five seasons on two different teams (Chicago Cubs) and ended his big league playing career in 1993.]


My daughter Chelsi has improved tremendously since she started doing Vision Therapy. We noticed a big difference in her ability to hit a baseball, and her grades have improved. I have also noticed a calmness in her behavior, which I think is a result of the therapy. I appreciate tremendously Dr. X and his staff. They are wonderful.
Cynthia and Steve Howe, Chelsi’s parent

[Steve Howe began his Major League baseball career on April 11, 1980, with the Los Angeles Dodgers. He played for 12 seasons on four different teams (including the New York Yankees) and ended his big league playing career in 1996.]


I can read faster

I can catch a football better

I can hit a baseball better

Kyle Kochne, young patient


The number-one thing that improved with my son Kyle was his self-esteem. He seemed to think he was stupid because he had a hard time with reading, not realizing that his eyes were confusing him, making school work and other things like sports that took eye-hand coordination very frustrating for him. Kyle understands now what is happening and has learned new skills. His grades also improved (except for spelling). Although he still gets upset with himself sometimes, he’s more lenient with himself than he used to be.
Phyllis Kochne, Kyle’s parent, 12/21/95


Alex had been the one child out of our four children, who all had a high interest in athletics, who seemed to have trouble concentrating on his game. In the middle of a hockey game, Alex would appear to suddenly stop concentrating on what was happening in the game he was playing. Now we realize that he had simply lost sight of the puck. Alex always had difficulty throwing accurately, or catching a ball.

We saw big changes about 2 to 3 months into Vision Therapy. After 2 to 3 months, Alex was a very changed boy, he no longer had problems catching accurately, so the frustration he was feeling was gone. He’s now happy to participate, there’s no need to cajole him into practicing his catching. He went from being the hockey bench warmer to the captain of his team!

We would absolutely recommend Vision Therapy to others! Don’t listen to folks telling you it’s “questionable.” It works! The treatment is always fun for the child, just sometimes a challenge for the parent to get them there. It’s worth all the effort. Friends and family told me he was the one out of the four children in the family who just wasn’t athletic. I knew in my heart that wasn’t so. He has the same body type, the same interest, but he also had hidden difficulties. I am thrilled with the results of Vision Therapy.
Elizabeth Garrison, Alex’s parent, 3/04/02


As a result of Vision Therapy, my quality of life has been enhanced. I have made a marked improvement in both reading and golf!

Since childhood I have struggled with decoding and comprehension. I took far longer than my peers to complete assignments. Now, reading is a pleasure for me.

I’ve been playing mediocre golf for a decade. I am convinced that Vision Therapy had a positive effect on every aspect of my golf game, from driving through putting. My handicap is lowering steadily.

I highly recommend Vision Therapy to those who need it. Thank you Dr. X and staff.
Jane L. Pinciaro, adult patient, 11/23/02


I’m seeing better when I play sports. In basketball, I shoot better, and in baseball, I hit and catch better.
Nick McNerney


Erica hated playing sports in gym. She couldn’t hit the ball that was thrown to her and the kids would tease her about it. She was losing self-confidence and not enjoying school because of the teasing. Now we understand the reason for this. Vision Therapy is helping to correct her eye problem. It’s so important for your eyes to work together properly or you shortchange yourself in many ways.
Erica Martin’s Parents


Sports were a nightmare! I could never score or hit the ball, unless it was t-ball, and even then I had trouble. In camp, I had trouble catching the ball and I got the name “Butterfingers.” I felt really bad, and I faked sick for the rest of camp so I wouldn’t have to go.

[After Vision Therapy] I was playing intramural soccer at the Middle School and I actually scored a goal for the first time! The next day, the principal announced which homerooms won and which kids scored goals. I could hardly believe that I was hearing my name being announced. Also, I started reading faster and copying notes better. Vision training also improved my golf skills. As you know, golf requires accuracy. I can now hit the ball farther and get it into the hole with fewer strokes than before.
Ryan (age 12)


I wanted schoolwork to be easier and I wanted to improve in sports. » I have gotten better at both basketball and football, even when I don’t wear my glasses. »At school » I can usually finish all of the problems on a quiz or test and all of my math worksheets.
Russell (age 11)


I had a great year learning to do things that were hard for me at the beginning of the year. Like learning to read better, being able to catch and hit a ball better and I am able to make better grades at school.
Rebecca (age 9)

Source: Gross Motor Coordination

Please note: In-office therapy under the direction of a Behavioral Optometrist using prisms, filters and lenses, as used with our patients, is far more effective than home-based therapy.