VT for Fine Motor Skills

My son was five and a half when he started Vision Therapy. He had difficulty sitting still for long periods of time, as well as kicking and catching a ball. His teachers noticed he could process anything verbally, but when he looked at it, he just went blank. Now, after Vision Therapy, we’ve seen great improvements in his ability to catch and kick balls, his ability to “focus,” and particularly in his drawing. His desire to draw used to be fairly low; now he sits down and draws pictures with much more detail since he can now “picture” so much more. His drawings before and after therapy are like night and day.

His teachers have seen great improvement as well. They say he has now begun writing in school, since drawing is no longer challenging for him. He has come so far and so fast with Vision Therapy.
Deborah K., patient’s parent,

After only two months of Vision Therapy, Tyler’s ability to concentrate has greatly increased. I have seen improvement in many areas. Tyler has a much easier time sitting for long periods. He now enjoys art activities, where before he avoided all fine motor activities. His handwriting is markedly improved. His sports skills are noticeably improved. He can now get a basketball in the hoop about 80% of the time, where before therapy he could only shoot about 5%. Now, he easily catches balls, where he almost never caught any before.

I believe Vision Therapy helped him learn to read. He has also reduced the time it takes him to do paperwork (math, writing, spelling, drawing etc.) making it much easier for him to learn. Tyler has benefited greatly from Vision Therapy.
Shann Z., Tyler’s parent,


Giedruis’ reading continues to improve. I am amazed at the improvement in his drawings, which are much more detailed now. He’s able to do more word “games” (word searches). His eyeglass prescription continues to improve.
Giedrius Albin’s Parents

Source: Fine Motor Skills

Please note: In-office therapy under the direction of a behavioral optometrist using prisms, filters and lenses, as used with our patients, is far more effective than home-based therapy.