“Vision Therapy Helps Teenagers
Regain Their Confidence Socially and Academically”

In this testimonial letter, a Mom tells how Vision Therapy helps teenagers. Actually this Mom explains how VT helped both her son and daughter. Her son needed help overcoming an autoimmune response leading him to almost go blind, and Vision Therapy helped her teenage daughter who was having trouble with school work and eye crossing.

How Vision Therapy Helps Teenagers
Here’s a testimonial from a recent 4D graduate:

“Dear Dr. Collier,

I wanted to share the individual experiences from our children with you for your new web-site. Please feel free to post our views. I noticed that you have special categories by age. Michael is 7 now but started at age 5. Geonna is 17 now and started at age 15.

We didn’t know what was going on with our son, Michael. It seemed at the time that a common cold sent him into a total whirlwind spiral down. One day I put him to bed and the next day someone I didn’t recognize woke up. That is the best way I can explain what happened to my son overnight. Months later and several misdiagnoses later we would eventually find out that what we thought was the flu and allergies would be determined to be an autoimmune response to high levels of strep in Michael’s body. Muscle and body fat began to leave his little body and he lost 8 pounds. Michael lost the ability to write and draw and he began to have trouble seeing distance as well as catching a ball during baseball. Michael’s eyesight began to get worse and he almost went blind. Through the guidance of both Advanced Therapy and Dr. Juanita Collier’s office we were able to slowly help Michael regain what he was rapidly loosing. As Michael relearned how to focus on objects, track items on paper, and regain muscle strength, we too as parents were learning and watching wonderful progress every month. Miss Corinne and the staff in Dr. Collier’s office tracked Michael’s achievements and progress to let us know when he was making strides. Our case is one of the more extremes due to Michael’s diagnosis of PANDAS from the high bacteria associated with strep. After almost 11 months of therapy Michael has graduated into a coordinated eye exercise program in which he continues eye exercises at home and returns for evaluations.

Our daughter, Geonna, needed to have an eye exam. Since our son, Michael, had already been a patient I immediately, without hesitation, insisted that she go to see Dr. Juanita Collier. Dr. Collier gave my daughter, Geonna, a thorough eye exam. After I mentioned to Dr. Collier that Geonna had been having so much trouble with school work and eye crossing, Dr. Collier recommended prismatic lenses and vision therapy. My daughter was 15 when she began Vision Therapy and has noted that no other optometrist had taken the time over the years to pinpoint the exact reasons why focusing and tracking during reading were problematic as well as offering solutions to remedy these problems. Dr. Collier’s office and staff have always been kid friendly, supportive and extremely accommodating. Our family has been able to make appointments for Vision Therapy and reevaluations at both Dr. Collier’s office or at Advanced Therapy to accommodate our schedule. With in-depth insight and supportive documentation and testing, Dr. Collier has helped Geonna secure a 504 plan inside the magnet school that she attends. Geonna has learned ways to process and retain information. Our experience with Dr. Collier’s office has been fantastic and as the parent of a teenager I can truly say that the staff as well as Dr. Collier can connect with young people in this age group to model and help them regain their confidence socially and academically through Vision Therapy.

Thank you!

Christine K.”

Vision Therapy helps teenagers
In conclusion, Vision Therapy helps teenagers regain their confidence socially and academically.

Please note: In-office therapy under the direction of a Behavioral Optometrist using prisms, filters and lenses, as used with our patients, is far more effective than home-based therapy.

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