Our Eye Doctor Recommended
Vision Therapy

In this testimonial letter, an eye doctor recommended Vision Therapy to his patient and the a Mom tells how her daughter experienced great results after starting her Optometric Vision Therapy program.

Dr. Collier & Staff –

When our eye doctor recommended vision therapy for our 8-year old daughter, we didn’t think too much about it. Then her 3rd grade teacher told us she was struggling with her subtraction facts, spelling, found math tiring, and had trouble concentrating on her reading. This seemed really odd for our smart girl, so we came to Dr. Collier for evaluation of her eyes.

After both eye testing and perceptual testing, we found that our daughter’s eyes were not focusing together consistently. Dr. Collier confirmed that this would impact how she understood information and processed it in her brain.

We started vision therapy and saw remarkable improvement in a short time. Not only did her headaches stop; she focused longer & more easily. She stopped tripping and bumping into things; her car sickness went away! She became less distractible and was able to concentrate and focus better on her work.

We are so thankful to Dr. Collier & her staff for their skills and understanding of how to correct her eye muscles to work to their full potential – we would never have imagined that eye muscles impacted so many areas of life!

We feel confident that 4th grade will be a triumph for our daughter.

Thank you Dr. Collier and all your staff for your expertise & care!


Christine & John W.

In conclusion, because her eye doctor recommended Vision Therapy, this child’s quality of life was greatly improved.

Please note: In-office therapy under the direction of a Behavioral Optometrist using prisms, filters and lenses, as used with our patients, is far more effective than home-based therapy.

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