Our 4D Success Stories

Read what our patients at 4D Vision Gym have to say about Vision Therapy.

Read these Vision Therapy success stories from Dr. Collier’s patients.


Vision Therapy for Sports
Vision Therapy for sports performance or sports vision training can help improve athletic performance! The testimonial below explains how Optometric Vision Therapy can help athletes of all ages.

Vision Therapy for Concussions
Vision Therapy for concussions is gaining recognition!

Patient Satisfaction Surveys
Members: Hannah and Kaitlyn G.

More Vision Therapy Testimonials
Here are Vision Therapy testimonials, plus a video from one of our patients.Vision Therapy is for people of all ages…

Vision Therapy Works for Adults, Too
Vision Therapy for adults works! Here’s a Vision Therapy success story that shows that Optometric Vision Therapy works for adults, too.

Vision Therapy and Occupational Therapy
As you’ll read in the letter below, this patient’s parents are very pleased with what their son has accomplished using Vision Therapy and Occupational Therapy. His father states, “with the help of Dr. Collier and Corinne Williams, as well as the occupational therapists at Advanced Therapy Solutions, Cormac has made…

Another Vision Therapy Testimonial
“My daughter no longer experiences motion sickness on family car trips; she’s a much better reader (she’s more than tripled the number of Nutmeg books read this year compared to last year at the time!); she’s even improved at soccer, which she was always a good at, but now she’s…

A Vision Therapy Success Story
As you’ll read in the Vision Therapy Success story below, Breanna, Alison and Timothy had a very positive experience with Vision Therapy. Breanna, the patient, calls it “amazing”. Her mother, Alison, refers to it as “a miracle”.

Eye Doctor Recommends Vision Therapy
In this testimonial letter, an eye doctor recommended Vision Therapy to his patient and the a Mom tells how her daughter experienced great results after starting her Optometric Vision Therapy program.

Vision Therapy Helps Teenagers
In this testimonial letter, a Mom tells how Vision Therapy helps teenagers. Actually this Mom explains how VT helped both her son and daughter. Her son needed help overcoming an autoimmune response leading him to almost go blind, and Vision Therapy helped her teenage daughter who was having trouble with school work and eye crossing.

Various VT Success Stories
Here are various other Vision Therapy success stories: