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4D Vision Gym

4d vision success

After suffering from a hemorrhagic stroke, Susan started experiencing double vision. Her depth perception was so affected that it was disrupting her daily activities, leaving her in frustration. What was worse: she had to wear an eye patch that felt very uncomfortable.

After working with us, Susan’s eyesight came back “stronger than even before the stroke”. The work we did together helped her recover her life and incorporate new habits that are healthy for her sight. She was impressed with the variety and creativity of exercises, but most importantly, she healed completely!

Susan’s words of encouragement:

“Be patient and be consistent with the homework. Give yourself time to recover and think about the long-term impact that good eyesight will have in your daily life.”


Macayle was in second grade when her math teacher started noticing something unusual in her performance: she was struggling and falling behind, despite having been a strong math student before. He asked her mom to get her vision checked.

During that eye check, her vision came out to be 20/20, but the doctor knew Dr. Collier personally so she referred Macayle to her. It took Dr. Collier seconds to diagnose Macayle: her eyes weren’t tracking properly. The rest is history.

But going back to smashing her school grades wasn’t the only thing that changed (Macayle ended up going into mathematics in college!) – she also got rid of the lifelong stomach aches that they had never been able to diagnose.

What’s more, when telling Macayle’s 85-year-old grandmother about this, grandma decided to pay Dr. Collier a visit herself, since she had been suffering from the same stomach aches for 80 years. After 8 decades of struggling, she found relief.

Macayle’s mother’s words:

“If you’re on the fence, at least look at the list. There are so many symptoms that don’t seem to be related to vision, but they are! You could be tackling a lifelong problem.”

After seeing the incredible transformation in her daughter, Macayle, Christine started paying more attention to her own eyesight.

When she noticed she was seeing things in different sizes with each eye, she paid her doctor a visit. He said it was a normal symptom of ‘getting older’, an answer that didn’t satisfy Christine.

After coming in to see Dr. Collier herself, she understood what was happening and was able to fix it! She not only improved that, but improved her vision altogether, noticing now how it was even safer to drive her car.

Christine’s words:

“I love 4D! They’re very friendly, cheerful, encouraging. Everyone’s so nice here, it’s a warm environment — it feels good to come in.”

After a worrying eye exam where James’ doctor said she wouldn’t be able to get him to 20/20 vision with glasses alone, he and his mother went through a trial-and-error process with various doctors before understanding how to treat his refractive amblyopia.

He wasn’t able to catch a ball when playing sports. He would hold the wall every time he’d walk down the hallway. He’d trip and fall down the stairs, run into things. But because they both thought that was ‘normal’, they had never thought it could be linked to vision!

After completing the 4D Built to Read program, James no longer has refractive amblyopia. He’s now able to concentrate more and better at school – even reading has become easier. He has gained tons of confidence, sitting taller and straighter, and feeling proud of the fact that he can now see 20/20 with each of his eyes.

James’ mother’s words:

“If you’re a parent considering Built to Read: DO IT. It’s what’s best for your kid. It’s not as hard or daunting as you may think it is. It was an amazing process. We loved it! In the process, he discovered other things he loves to do too — because now, he can do them.”

Having been a sports player her whole life, Carly suffered a concussion in a soccer match that changed everything. Before that, she was a straight A, AP student applying to college. Her concussion made that impossible because she could no longer read or focus.

She had headaches all the time, her balance was off, and she couldn’t do things that had always been easy for her. She couldn’t take her exams or complete her coursework, so her school suggested she retake her senior year. Carly’s frustration was so obvious that her mom felt like she had to walk on eggshells around her.

They visited Neuropsychologists, Vestibular Physical Therapists, Physiatrists, Sports Concussion Clinics… and found no solutions.

Carly’s mom turned to the internet and finally found Dr. Collier. After coming to see Dr. Collier and the 4D Team, Carly regained her life! She was able to graduate high school on time, graduate college, and (now) live and work without any restrictions.

In her own words:

“Vision Therapy truly changed my life. We shared our experience with our Concussion Specialist, and as a result, many others have received help and have been able to get back to feeling normal again.”

When Tanessa came to 4D Vision Gym, she had been suffering from lack of balance, severe dizziness, inability to read and write, and many other symptoms for over a month after having a severe concussion.

She had visited eye doctors but had been told that her eyes were ‘just fine’. She knew that that couldn’t have been true because she would trip and stumble all over the yard to take out her dog in the morning, get nauseated all the time, and struggle with ongoing headaches. She assumed that her symptoms would simply get worse and worse…

Despite her disencouraging experience, Tanessa started working to improve her vision. 2 weeks after starting, she started becoming more tolerant to reading. 6 months in, she has improved her vision dramatically, her headaches have decreased, she is back in school, and ready to drive again!

Tanessa’s words:

“I didn’t even know Vision Therapy was a thing. I’m now more balanced, not walking into things, less stressed, writing and reading properly, not messing up dates, less bruised, and able to enjoy things instead of feeling sick all the time.”