Vision Therapy Testimonial, A Dramatic Success in Reading!

This Vision Therapy Testimonial was recorded on video. It is a testimonial of a 2nd grader named Ethan and his Mom, who were referred to Dr. Juanita Collier by an Occupational Therapist at Advanced Therapy Solutions.

Ethan was starting to struggle with reading and fall below grade level in reading.

Since starting his vision therapy program at the beginning of the school year, Ethan’s reading level has increased dramatically in just a few months.

Here’s their story…

Transcript of Vision Therapy Video Testimonial
**** Mom and Ethan

Mom: Personally, I’m a huge fan of vision therapy. It helped myself as a child when I was having issues, and I wasn’t even aware my son was having issues. It has helped my son, Ethan a great deal in just a small period of time.

Our occupational therapist recommended Dr. Collier to us, and we visited her. She did recommend using vision therapy, and we started doing that at the beginning of the school year. The difference in my son’s progress has been dramatic.

He went from needing extra help last year, and receiving tutoring outside the classroom.

Even though he loved reading, he was still struggling with it, and I didn’t understand why. Then he started vision therapy. The words stopped swimming together, and he’s now in the top reading group in his class.

So, I certainly recommend vision therapy for anyone who thinks it might help their child or themselves.

Dr. Collier: Anything you want to add Ethan? Would you recommend vision therapy?

Ethan: Yes

Mom: We’re at the point where he’s reading a simple chapter book…he can finish in one day, or

Ethan: Or two.

Dr. Collier: Really?!

Mom: Yes. The other night I was reading a DRA level 40, which is like 4th grade level out loud to him. I’ve been reading a chapter or 2 a night, and we had gotten towards the end of the book. It was late. So I said, “OK. You can read your own book for a while. I’m going to go downstairs and do some of my school work.”

Twenty minutes later, he came downstairs and said, “Mommy, I finished the book.”

All: Laughter

Mom: I thought you may end up [finishing it], because you were really intrigued to know what was happening.

He started the school year at a level 18 DRA which is approximately the end of 1st grade.

Ethan: Low level.

Mom: He is now easily able to decode and comprehend a level 30 to 34 text, and what he was reading the other night was a level 40 test which is like the beginning of 4th grade reading level or so.

Ethan: I can read a 40.

All: Laughter

Mom: There are words you don’t know at a 40, but you’re doing really, really well. So, definitely in the 30s. That is a huge, dramatic change. We’re eager to see what change it makes in baseball.

Ethan: I am playing baseball.

Mom: You are. We’re curious to see if it makes a difference.

Dr. Collier: Good.

**** Mom’s Message

Mom: I am so pleased about finding out about Dr. Collier and vision therapy for my son. It has made a huge difference in his life, and prior to that, it made a huge difference in my life.

I had a lazy eye as a child, and it was initially operated on and that did not correct it.

Later, I ended up having vision therapy and that solved the problem for myself.

I never pondered the question that my son might have a vision issue because his eyes were working together, or appeared to be working together.

But at occupational therapy, one of the therapists recommended it, because he was covering his eyes with one hand when he was reading, that perhaps there was an issue.

We were referred to Dr. Collier, and she did recommend Vision Therapy for him.

I was at first, to be frank, upset and nervous and anxious about it, even though I had gone through vision therapy for myself, because I didn’t want him to have one other struggle that he needed to deal with. But that was at the beginning of the school year. It is January…the beginning of February now, and the difference I have seen in my son in so many facets of his life has been amazing and drastic.

He started the school year, beginning of 2nd grade, at an end of 1st grade reading level, but was struggling a little bit. He received special tutoring last year in school, and this year he’s in the top reading group in his class.

Everyone here is incredibly friendly, welcoming, and I definitely think that if anyone thinks vision therapy may be able to help their child, they should look into it.

To be honest, I regret that I didn’t look into it sooner. I knew that there was something stopping his reading from going forward because he loved it. But it never occurred to me that it could be a vision issue, and I wish that I had discovered it sooner. So, I strongly recommend it to anybody considering it.

**** Ethan’s Message

Mom: Look right here. I’m going to ask you a couple of questions.

Ethan: OK.

Mom: This is my son, Ethan. How has vision therapy made a difference for you?

Ethan: A lot difference.

Mom: Can you tell us how?

Ethan: I can read much better than how I used to read.

Mom: How about paying attention in school?

Ethan: Good.

Mom: Tell me about it.

Ethan: Like I’m not being as silly as I used to be.

Mom: You’re not being as what?

Ethan: Silly as I used to be.

Mom: Silly as you used to be. I would agree with that, and I think your teachers would agree with that.

Ethan: I’m nice and polite.

Mom: You are nice and polite. Are you able to pay attention in class?

Ethan: Yes…sometimes.

Mom: Are you able to control your body in class?

Ethan: (shakes head in agreement)

Mom: Yes. You do a great job at that. Do you enjoy coming to vision therapy?

Ethan: Yes!

Mom: Tell me about that.

Ethan: It’s like fun.

Mom: It’s fun. What’s fun about it?

Ethan: Playing fun games like Rush Hour.

Mom: You get to play fun games like Rush Hour.

Ethan: And like the Ginger Bread, nice game.

Mom: The Ginger Bread game, yeah? Excellent. Is it hard when you get home to do the practice during the week or is it not too bad?

Ethan: It’s not too bad.

Mom: A little bit each night is OK?

Ethan: I’ll go with that.

All: Laughter

Mom: You’ll go with that? Excellent! Ethan, look at Mom.

Ethan: Sure.

Mom: Is everyone here pretty nice?

Ethan: Yes.

Concluding Statement By Dr. Collier About This Vision Therapy Testimonial Video

“Ethan’s impressive progress shows that his previous reading level and struggle with reading were due to a visual physiological barrier to learning. As we remove that obstacle, it’s becoming apparent that Ethan’s true reading capabilities are well above average.”

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Please note: In-office therapy under the direction of a behavioral optometrist using prisms, filters and lenses, as used with our patients, is far more effective than home-based therapy.