Here are videos that cover various topics on benefits of Vision Therapy, presented by our 4D Vision Gym Coaches.

Watch Coach Jessica discuss some of the different strengths of autistic traits, ways to adapt care and education for children with autism.

Watch Coach Erin explain how to identify if your child has screen sightedness, how you can avoid it, and why playtime is so important for child development.

Watch Coach Leslie describe how Vision Therapy bridges the gap between vision, learning and behavior.

Watch Coach Corinne discuss a study performed that showed improved parental perception about academic performance after Vision Therapy.  Parents reported less frequency in all behaviors with children who had shown improvement in their visual skills when reading or performing school work.

Watch Coach Leslie present on an NYT article entitled, “The Not-So-Hidden Cause Behind the ADHD Epidemic.”

In this presentation, Leslie explores how the symptoms of ADHD and Convergence Insufficiency overlap and what factors have led to the high frequency of ADHD diagnoses.

You can also watch our YouTube channel:  VisionTherapyOnline