Vision Therapy Events in 2016
Events at 4D Vision Gym

Here are a few special events that occurred in 2016. You can also click here to scan the Vision Therapy news:

We had a little fun for the holidays…

On Election Day, November 8, 2016…

And we had an Election Day activity for our child members. We asked them to vote for their favorite VT activity. Here’s the tally:

Favorite Locker Room Activity: Spot It
Favorite Lab Activity: I Spy
Favorite Gym Activity: Wayne Saccadic Fixator

On October 2nd, Dr. Collier, Dr. Strawn and a few of the 4D Vision Gym staff members walked in the 12th Annual Walk For Thought, sponsored by the Brain Injury Alliance of Connecticut (BIAC)! This event is held every year and aims to increase awareness of brain injury.

Leslie and Erin are now accredited Vision Therapists!

Fireside Chat with Dr. Strawn!