Young Athletes:
Gain a Competitive Edge
with Sports Vision Training

Free Sports Vision Screenings
Being Offered Locally in Connecticut

Cromwell, CT, August 28, 2015 – An Optometry practice in Cromwell, 4D Vision Gym, is offering complimentary sports vision screenings for school-aged children who want to assess and improve their vision skills for peak athletic performance.

Having trouble seeing or hitting the ball?

Something can be done to improve the vision of athletes wanting to achieve peak performance. An Optometrist can provide unique solutions with glasses or contacts and/or sports vision training (a type of Optometric Vision Therapy that improves an athlete’s ability to process what they see and to react appropriately).

An athlete with 20/20 vision can actually have vision issues that go undetected. A sports vision screening can reveal those issues and allow participants to enroll in a program of sports vision training at 4D. It is believed that starting sports vision training at the age of 12 or 13 can give children a distinct advantage.

Young athletes will be able to improve skills like:

• Eye-hand-foot coordination
• Eye-hand-foot reaction time
• Depth perception
• Agility
• Visual tracking

Good eyesight has played a major role in the careers of many athletes, like Babe Ruth. Experts say that not only do professional athletes have superior acuity beyond needing glasses or contacts as compared to the general population, but their ability to change focus and reaction time are faster, their peripheral vision is wider, and their depth perception and eye-hand coordination are better.

Larry Fitzgerald, who played wide receiver for the Arizona Cardinals, offers, “Optometric Vision Therapy made a big difference in my life and my career.”

Wish you could improve your reaction time? What effect could training your focus and concentration have on your athletic performance?

The staff at 4D Vision Gym will assess your visual skills and discuss vision-correction options that are most pertinent for you.

For More Information Contact: Dr. Juanita Collier, MS, OD, 4D Vision Gym, 181 B Shunpike Road, Cromwell, Connecticut, 860-632-UC4D (8243) or

Call to RSVP.

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