Why Get A Free
Visual Processing Screening?

Vision is more than 20/20!
Schedule a free, visual processing screening to explore whether Vision Therapy can help you or your child.

Have you suspected that your child’s vision is not allowing them to perform adequately in school and sports, but they “see” well? You can get your children the help they need to excel in school and sports by scheduling a complimentary, near-point vision screening!

Are you an adult who is experiencing eyestrain or headaches when driving or working at the computer? A near-point vision screening may reveal visual issues that can be corrected.

Schedule A Free Visual Processing Screening
Schedule a complimentary visual processing screening to learn how well your eyes are working together for close work and to find out if Vision Therapy can help you.

Our near-point vision screenings may include the following tests:

Near Visual Acuity – This tests your ability to see clearly at near. If not seeing 20/20 or better, your eyes may get tired after reading or being on the computer for more than 20 minutes. School vision screenings or routine eye exams usually only test distance vision on children, with the incorrect assumption that near vision issues arise only after 40 years old.

Near Point of Convergence Test – This tests your ability to point both eyes together on a target at the same place at the same time in order to maintain single vision on an object. It may be noticeable that one or both eyes will jerk in or out slightly if the eyes aren’t moving together like they should, pointing to an eye teaming problem.

Alternating Cover Test – This tests your ability to coordinate the eyes and align them properly in order to maintain single vision. If your brain has difficulty coordinating both eyes together, it may begin to ignore one of the eyes in order to avoid double vision.
During the comprehensive functional vision assessment, the OD will measure the amount your eyes turn in (or out) to determine if they fall within the normal ranges.

Worth 4 Dot – This tests your brain’s ability to use both eyes simultaneously in order to have adequate depth perception. If you see some blank spots, your brain tends to ignore one of your eyes because it’s much harder to use both eyes as a team.

This screening does not serve as a complete visual examination. It is merely a quick check for obvious visual difficulties. We strongly advise that you have a comprehensive visual examination every year.

Vision Therapy at 4D can help!
If you or your child is struggling—finding it difficult to read, reports double or blurry vision, has poor handwriting, ducks when balls are thrown, or has a short attention span—they may have developmental visual difficulty causing them to underperform or work hard with minimal results. If this sounds familiar, come to an Open House at 4D Vision Gym to find out if Vision Therapy may be the missing link.

Optometric Vision Therapy, an optometrist-supervised treatment program, can remove visual barriers to learning and make it possible for children and adults to excel in areas where they previously struggled.

This specialized type of eye training is being offered on a large scale at 4D Vision Gym, by Dr. Juanita Collier at 181 B Shunpike Road in Cromwell, CT.

As its name implies, 4D Vision Gym, is beyond what is expected, and surpasses what is already known about vision and general Optometric offices. 4D Vision Gym is an experience.

According to Collier, “upon walking through the doors, the patient and families immediately realize that this is not your average eye doctor’s office. Our patients are not referred to as patients, but as “Members” of the vision gym. This immediately removes the stigma that something is wrong with the person receiving care. Our Members are children and adults who have been told many times by themselves, parents, family members, peers, and teachers that something is wrong with them, they are stupid; they need to be fixed, etc. Not here! Everything is right, and we just make things even better!”

4D Vision Gym is a child-centric training center where kids and adults relax, have fun, and transform into the engaged, confident, athletic and successful individuals they are meant to be. Parents feel welcome, too.

At 4D Vision Gym, we are passionate about helping children and adults who may be affected by undiagnosed visual perception issues. Here they learn to thrive in school, on the playground, at home, and at work.

Here, families do not “have to come to the doctor’s office,” they want to come to 4D because it’s more than a doctor’s office. 4D is an experience.

Attend an Open House to learn more!

We occasionally hold Open House events at our office. We invite you to learn more about our practice and look forward to helping your child thrive in school, on the playing field and at home. Attend an Open House. Call for details. Refreshments will be served. Call for date at 860-632-UC4D (8243) or info@4DVisionGym.com.

Learn more: Vision is More Than 20/20!

Schedule a free visual processing screening.

Please note: In-office therapy under the direction of a behavioral optometrist using prisms, filters and lenses, as used with our patients, is far more effective than home-based therapy.