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Meet Our Staff of Skilled Professionals at 4D. They provide our patients with a strong foundation from which to excel and help them to overcome their visual barriers.

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Read more about our Behavioral Optometrist, Dr. Juanita Collier, MS, OD, FCOVD

Facts About Behavioral Optometrists
Optometry is surely an expansive category with a set of sub-categories including Behavioral Optometry.

We will assess the role of behavioral optometrists (sometimes referred to as behavioral ophthalmologists), as well as what patients are given when diagnosis and treatment are engaged. This will supply a detailed viewpoint for someone to evaluate whether this service is for them.

What Exactly is a Behavioral Optometrist’s Purpose?
A person’s eyes certainly are a gateway for processing information and passing it to the brain. Some patients are not able to process these details as expected.

The Behavioral Optometrist’s primary purpose is to figure out how a patient is interpreting visual stimulus and whether there is a gap between what ought to be noticed and precisely what is being interpreted. This person’s eyesight might be “20/20” using eye charts, but their interpretation of information in their environment could possibly be off.

This is why treatment by a Behavioral Optometrist (also known as a Developmental Optometrist) can help.

Generally speaking, a person who is looking to further improve their vision processing will look to pursue such a specialist for Vision Therapy. The aim is usually to work on one’s vision o better carry out a task.

Patients need to optimize their eyes to be effective towards a certain goal including hitting a ball or stopping a puck. It all relies on taking seconds off one’s reaction a chance to see better results now and in the foreseeable future.

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Our Vision Therapists at 4D are also known as Vision Coaches:

What is a Vision Therapist?
A Vision Therapist is Optometrist-trained and supervised to:

  • work with adults and children of all ages who need or want to improve, rehabilitate, or train their visual skills through Vision Therapy
  • educate the patient about vision training exercises
  • help track the patient’s progress and meet with the doctor regularly to discuss continuing treatment for our members

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4D Vision Gym is a Behavioral Optometry practice that specializes in Vision Therapy, Concussion Vision Therapy, and Sports Vision Training in CT (Connecticut).

Our Doctors and Vision Therapists
Meet Our Staff of Skilled Professionals at 4D Vision Gym. They provide our members with a strong foundation from which to excel and help them to overcome their visual barriers.

Our Doctors, Team, and Vision Therapists


Meet Our Team at 4D Vision Gym.


Juanita D. Collier, MS, OD, FCOVD

Dr. Juanita Collier is a Behavioral Optometrist in Connecticut, who specializes in Optometric Vision Therapy, Post-Stroke Rehabilitation, Vision Development, and Sports Enhancement in Cromwell, CT.

Kelsey Duffy

Kelsey is the Practice Manager at 4D Vision Gym. She specializes in office management, insurance billing, and even has a background of Vision Therapy through working with Dr. Collier since 2009.

Jessica Liedke, COVT

Jessica is an Internationally Board Certified Vision Therapist in Connecticut, who specializes in Vision Development, Vision Rehabilitation, and Sports Enhancement in Cromwell, CT.

Lori Lloyd

Lori is a Para-Professional that came to 4D and became a Vision Therapist. She brings her background of education and business and incorporates all her skills to help patients of all ages excel in the areas that are important to them.