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A Message From Dr. Collier
About Vision Therapy and Her Personal Story

“Hi. My name is Dr. Juanita Collier.

Welcome to my website where you will find information about the services that my team and I offer to patients.

I decided to become an Optometrist specializing in Vision Therapy because of personal challenges I experienced with my vision while studying in college and optometry school.

Although I had annual eye exams and 20/20 vision, I had an undiagnosed eyeturn that caused me to see double whenever I became fatigued from prolonged studying. I thought it was normal until, in optometry school, it started to slow me down.

Thanks to what I learned about Vision Therapy, my eyeturn has been corrected. Now, I want to share the benefits of Vision Therapy with as many people as possible.

Vision Therapy can correct specific issues with focusing, eye teaming, tracking, and visual perception that may cause patients to lose their place or skip lines and words when reading, see double, get headaches or eyestrain, or not experience their full academic potential.”

Dr. Juanita Collier
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