Due to COVID 19 precautions, all patients and staff are required to wear masks at all times.

4D Vision Gym

4D Neuro Team

Treat your patients all the way to recovery so they can keep choosing you.

Provide Full Treatment

Get equipped enhance your scope of treatment by incorporating Behavior Optometrist-directed Vision Training.

4D Certification

Join elite group of 4D Certified therapists

Ensured Results

Cut straight to what works with a program designed by expert Behavioral Optometrist

Lower Cost

Give your patients a lower cost alternative to in-office Neuro Optometric Vision Therapy.

At 4D Vision Gym, we are invested in every patient’s full recovery – our efforts go beyond a simple diagnosis.

Brain injury patients are often told that they should adjust to their ‘new normal’. We’re here to get them back to their pre-injury lifestyle, and let them decide what their new normal will look like.

If you’re ready to give your patients the next level of care so they can overcome their visual challenges and go back to doing the things they love, apply to become 4D Neuro Team Certified.

What 4D Neuro Team Certification Includes:

4D Neuro Team

Initial Certification Fee
$1500 (includes $500 credit that can be applied to equipment purchases after referring 5 patients)

Annual Renewal
$500 (includes 4 hours in office continuing education)

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