Patient Rights and Responsibilities

“At 4D Vision Gym, our goal is to permanently transform our members’ perception of the world and how they interact with it. We provide them with a strong foundation from which to excel by giving them the tools to become self-sufficient, confident, and empowered. Our unique, interactive, and hands-on approach to Vision Therapy allows our members to overcome their visual barriers. Our members find success in all the areas of life that are important to them – whether that be in their social, athletic, or academic endeavors. Families and patients are our top priorities. We foster a comfortable environment where our members feel at home.”

Our Promises to Our Patients
We will:

–Be truthful to you.
–Explain your care in ways you can understand.
–Listen to you and let you talk freely with us.
–Not repeat what you say to anyone, unless it’s important to
your safety and care.

What Parents Can Expect From Us

–A friendly, respectful and medically safe environment that protects the your or your child’s privacy.
–To be included in all aspects of your or your child’s care and have it explained in a way you can understand.
–Answers to your insurance and financial questions.

What We Need From Parents

–Accurate and complete information about your or your child’s medical history.
–Concerns you have about your or your child care, services performed or medications.
–Agreement to pay for your or your child’s care. If you have concerns about doing so, please let us know.
–Respect for the people taking care of you or your child and for the other patients, children and families here.
–The opportunity to satisfy you and your child.

At 4D Vision Gym “Experience Vision Off the Charts…It’s More Than 20/20!”

The 4D Experience
The 4D Experience goes beyond what is expected, and surpasses what is already known about vision and general Optometry.
4D is an experience!

At our training center, we help our members relax, have fun and transform into the engaged, confident, athletic and successful people they are meant to be.

We are focused on these 4D’s:


We are devoted to:

  • Bringing our passion and dedication for the field of vision and children into every practice we open and every day we work.
  •  Being the premiere providers of Vision and Sports Vision Therapy services to patients from Greenwich, CT to Wellesley, MA.
  •  Providing superior Vision Therapy, Sports Vision Therapy, and all other services in a comfortable and welcoming environment, by putting families and patient care first.
  •  Serving patients of varying socioeconomic backgrounds by providing effective and affordable services.


We offer dynamic services by:

  • Having expert Vision Therapists in the various fields of Vision Therapy (e.g. Sports Vision, Sensory Processing, Vision and Learning, and Traumatic Brain Injury).
  •  Educating our target market on the benefits of Vision Therapy and Sports Vision Therapy.
  •  Developing a protocol and delivery system for training exceptional Vision Therapists.
  •  Ensuring our doctors, vision therapists, and staff maintain a yearly continuing education protocol so we always remain cutting-edge and patient-focused.


We dare to go beyond what is expected and surpass what is already known about vision and general Optometry by:

  •  Providing a relaxing and pleasant environment to patients, their families, and staff.
  •  Creating an atmosphere where it is evident that we care about the total wellness of each patient that walks through our doors.


We are determined to:

  • Being the premier providers of Vision Therapy and Sports Vision Therapy to patients of all ages.
  • Being accessible to patients of varying socioeconomic backgrounds by accepting insurance, offering group therapy, and providing scholarship positions.

4D is an experience!

Please note: In-office therapy under the direction of a behavioral optometrist using prisms, filters and lenses, as used with our patients, is far more effective than home-based therapy.