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Vision: The Hidden Barrier to Learning

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Vision: The Key to Your Competitive Edge

Discover Your Potential

Vision: The Missing Piece to Your Productivity

Discover Your Potential

Welcome to 4D Vision Gym

4D Vision Gym is a leading-edge Optometric Vision Therapy (OVT) practice that specializes in treating and empowering patients to overcome vision-related academic, athletic, and occupational challenges, as well as vision impairments due to brain injury or stroke. Whether struggling with poor reading comprehension, low work productivity, or slow reaction time on the field, 4D Vision Gym’s elite team of Board Certified Optometric Vision Therapists works with each patient in developing an individualized vision therapy program to correct their specific vision issues.

What is Optometric Vision Therapy (OVT)?

Much in the way that physical therapy can improve general motor function, Optometric Vision Therapy (OVT) utilizes therapeutic exercises that retrain and strengthen the eye-brain connection and correct vision issues. OVT is an established, highly-effective therapeutic medical approach to correcting visual impairments and their related symptoms—from blurry/double vision and eye fatigue to motion sickness, headaches/migraine, and light sensitivity—that can impair daily life activities and interfere with a person’s ability to reach their potential. From a patient’s initial functional vision assessment to the completion of their individualized vision therapy program, 4D Vision Gym offers patients a highly-effective non-surgical treatment path to enhancing their vision performance and improving the way they see, function, and thrive on a daily basis.

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